Digital camera technical specifications

Getting acquainted with the specifications of digital camera is the first right step for customers before purchasing their dream camera. To ensure that you don't get perplexed by hearing these technical specifications from the shop dealers, you need to get yourself introduced with these terms.

Below is the 6 most popular technical specifications for digital camera that you need to know…
digital camera specification number 1:
megapixels (MP)

It denotes the resolution (ex. 4000*3000) that the camera is capable of.
Advantages of Higher megapixel:

Best for zooming in and resizing without any considerable loss of image quality.

Best for taking superior quality prints.

More intense color details.
Most digital cameras these days come with the resolutions of 5 MP, 10 MP, 12 MP and 14 MP. Higher the resolution more will the picture detail but at the expense of larger image size. Go for the camera resolution that suits your needs.

digital camera specification number 2:
optical zoom

Optical Zoom is the capability of the digital camera's lens to zoom in before you actually capture any picture or record a video. Like megapixel, with increasing optical zoom the price of camera goes up. For example a camera with 4x optical zoom is capable of adjusting its lens so that it can zoom in 4 times the actual picture detail. If you frequently go for outings then go for a higher optical zoom (10x). But if you are a casual camera user (home user), then go for any moderate optical zoom (like 3x or 4x).

digital camera specification number 3 :
digital zoom

Digital zoom is the capability of the camera to zoom in after you have actually captured your picture. Generally most of the compact digital cameras come with a digital zoom of 4x. A higher digital zoom is surely a nice specification that every home user will crave for.

digital camera specification number 4:
lcd length

It's the length of the digital camera's LCD screen, measured diagonally. Higher the LCD length better will be the viewing experience. But again, just like all of the above specifications, the cost of camera rises with an increase with the LCD.

digital camera specification number 5:
storage media
It denotes the type of memory capable of storing the digital photos captured by the camera. Most of the cameras have built-in micro SD cards that support up to 4GB of data.

digital camera specification number 6:
It is the measure of the camera's sensitivity to light. Go for the camera with adjustable ISO settings as these are important when you have to shoot in challenging conditions (like too much light or low light conditions). Lower ISO value is desirable when shooting under too much light while it's higher value is desirable when shooting under low light conditions.


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