Facebook To Android Jumps To 1.7

Facebook To Android Jumps To 1.7, Finally Add The Mark - Facebook to Android (download) today announced increased to version 1.7, adding many features and long-awaited support honeycomb for the app that always seems to catch up.

While 1.7 can run on shelves Honeycomb, unfortunately it still does not include an improved user interface in tablet form. The good news is that the update feature included in 1.7 are all pretty essential, and should help allay some of the most common complaints against about.

In particular, 1.7 finally allows users to tag photos of friends, places and people. It 'a wonder why this feature was not apparent base hit until the Android App. The update also includes improved checkpoints of privacy, a number of fixes and some major UI improvements, such as lowering update the News Feed, swipe left and right in photo albums, and new models of profiles and groups.

With the new upgrade to version 1.7, facebookers seem finally to have some of the features they need. Maybe now we can stop sign on the mobile site and really start using the application.

Facebook to Android version 1.7 is now available in the Android Market.
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