Google Launched Android 1.6 Glasses, A Camera

Google Launched Android 1.6 Glasses, A Camera - Today, Google Android glasses jumped up to version 1.6, and got a very neat feature that enhances the powers of the camera Android. The opt-in search function allows the camera to automatically perform image-based search glasses in the background when you take a picture.

That's how it works. After updating your application Google Goggles, run, press Menu, then Settings. So go ahead and start looking for the camera.

Thereafter, each time you use your camera to take a picture of Android, glasses will be analyzed to identify landmarks, paintings or other objects of interest, and report its findings. All this is done in the background, so that no additional problems. You can also share the results of the application from your search history Google Goggles.

Google Goggles 1.6 is now available for Android 2.1 and newer equipment.
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