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Social Sim - Game Facebook: Electronic Arts has begun to play in online games via Facebook Facebook Social Sim. Manufacturers of popular games for a variety of platforms including PC, Mobile, PlayStation and Xbox that starts menguncang throne Zynga is currently the throne as a producer on facebook online games with the most users.

Registered 9.3 million people have played "The Facebook Social Sim" a much higher growth than the release of Farmville, who are also online games is on Facebook.
Fun Sims arrived on Facebook! Create unique Sims with personalities and live their dreams, to stir up problems, develop relationships, friendships, and to fight, cheat, and the date, love, and deceive. Play with real friends for free!

the sim social facebook
Facebook Social Sim interface and how to play the game like Sim for PC or Playstation, although their interaction more simple than the SIM card to PC. The Sim in the game for that, you play the character you choose, socializing, taking care of yourself and looking for a partner, decorate the house and so on. Yes, the social Sim new world opens for your life as if you can determine what kind of life you want with online media is the Internet.

This game is very adiction once, so I suggest not virtual life, or even ruin your virtual life of your real life. Remember, these are just a game that means nothing, except for fun, fun and refreshing.

Facebook Social Sim Screenshots

the sim social facebook

the sim social facebook

Social sector Sim on Facebook, you can be whatever you want, search for friends, lovers, friends, even enemies. Decorate your home like a dream. Even if you want to make enemies (provided one is rarely), you can express your anger to give their waste, including bark, or even slapped her face (in practice, of course).

The Facebook social Sim games with 2D and eliminates many of the features available in the original Sim games, of course, the speed of loading on Facebook will also help in managing this game. Interested? Just maenkan Facebook Social Sim.


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